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Goloka - Premium - Tanishtha

Goloka – Premium – Tanishtha

I stumbled across Tanishtha at I haven’t seen them in any other stores yet, the only other clue to their existence is a product image on where they are included in a variety pack.
Unfortunately, Spiru does not provide any scent descriptions. Curiosity got the better of me, so I ordered it. €1.69 for a 15g pack of approx. 10 sticks – around 17ct per stick.

For me, the smell fits right into the “detergent” or “fresh laundry” category.
This type of scent is a part of Cycle – Parampara‘s profile too, but in Tanishtha it’s basically just that.
Adjectives like “fresh” and “pure” come to my mind, as well as white flowers. I smell a subtle, woody note. Especially when diluted well, the scent has a nice, subtle sweetness that is floral but rather dry.
My mother has candles that are supposed to neutralize cooking odours, I think they smell similar. Maybe the sticks also have this effect?
2024-03-25 Update: Yes, they actually help get rid of cooking smells! We like to use them after we have had fish or strong-smelling foods.
I also find the smell more interesting at hers than in my flat. A little resinous and fruity, sweeter and not dry.

I don’t find anything wrong with its smell, but I also don’t find anything remarkable about it.
Rating: 2.5

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