Goloka - Reiki - Timelessness

Goloka – Reiki Linie: Timelessness and Purification

I bought Timelessness on eBay-Kleinanzeigen.
My first note on Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen – Timelessness is: “Woody and warm, sweet in a creamy way and florally “purple”, I don’t know how much this is influenced by the package. There’s also a freshness that I can’t define.”
A few days later, they suddenly reminded me of oud/agarwood incense sticks and even though I’m sure there’s no agarwood in them, that impression persists.
I now think it’s the combination of warm, woody, sweet and fresh notes that gives me this association. I find the seemingly contradictory interplay of warm and fresh/cool notes to be characteristic of what I have smelled of agarwood scents, so far.
I think the elusive freshness might come from a hint of camphor – or menthol, maybe?
When it comes to the woody note, I suspect it’s cedar, which has a fruity aspect. But who knows, perhaps it’s a mixture of different woods. Overall, this composition remains a bit of a riddle to me – though a delicious one, which I will happily explore further!
What I can say with certainty is that I find this scent incredibly soothing, relaxing and yet exciting. I like it more every time I burn it.
Rating: 4.0 

Additionally, I was given 2 sticks of Sei Hei Ki – Purification to try, so no picture of the packaging (it’s the magenta red one).
My very first impression was that of burning sugar. The smell has a bit of a sour touch to it, it’s rather tart and balsamic, but after a while it starts to swing back and forth between that and fruity and floral.
Something about it makes me think of bees, and I have recurring déjà vu that I can’t place.
So far, I would put them in the 2-3 rating range; definitely good enough to repurchase to explore the scent further.

There is also Cho Ku Rei – Healing (green pack) and Raku – Grounding (blue), which I will try eventually.

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