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Last update: 2024-02-27

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Blogs and Forums

English Blogs

  • Incense In The Wind (UK)
    Steve Pereira writes mostly about Indian incense sticks and cones and has a soft spot for dipped incense sticks.
  • Olfactory Rescue Service ORS (USA)
    An “institution” among the blogs. Writes primarily about Japanese incense sticks, but also others. Their philosophy seems to be, “We only write about what, we think, is good.”
  • A Whiff of Ambrosia (India)
    My friend Silver’s blog, who writes about Indian incense and more. [Currently inactive]
  • KyaraZen
    Japanese incense, Kyara (agarwood), Oud, and tea are these blogs topics. You can also find instructions for how to build a “Subitism Heater” or making incense sticks.
  • Dr. Incense Japanese incense culture and more.
  • Reddit r/Incense
    THE forum for all kinds of incense.
  • Apothecary’s Garden (CA)
    Lots of interesting facts about resins, other incense materials and their further processing – not just for smoking.

German Blogs

  • Bussardflug [de]
    The website of the author and ethnologist Caroline Maxelon – with a lot of knowledge about local and exotic incenses and much more.
  • Celticgarden [de] offers a lot of information about local plants, not just in relation to incense.
  • The Frankincense blog [de] of Georg Huber (Jeomra).

Incense Making in General

Random Recipes

Video and Audio

  • Rauchfahne on YouTube – I have collected some videos here.
  • Incense Explorer – A podcast in interview format with interesting guests. Also available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

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