Goloka - Premium - Lotus

Goloka – Premium – Lotus

I’ve recently realized that I at least like blue lotus scents and was curious to explore it further since I haven’t found the “perfect lotus scent” for me yet.
So much in advance: I’s not this one.

Goloka (Premium) Lotus were part of my Spiru.de order. They cost €1.69. With 15g/12-13 sticks per pack, that makes a price of around 11 ct per stick. Usual burn time of 35-45 minutes.

Raw, they have a pungent, soapy note, accompanied by a lot of floral sweetness.
Luckily, when lit, there’s nothing of the soapiness left. They immediately smell very powdery and creamy at the same time; floral and extremely sweet. So much so that I almost want to call them “shrill”.
The aroma is entirely different from what I know as “Blue Lotus” in incense sticks. So this lotus seems to be an entirely different one. It has more of a sugary sweet rose scent, damask rose, for example. The comparison to Rose flavoured Turkish delight comes obvious.
Behind this mighty pink cloud, a fine citrusy freshness flashes out sporadically, which lightens the scent at least a little.
This is the PINKest smell I’ve ever smelled – the olfactory embodiment of a carefree, ever-happy, pink-wearing, fairy-loving teen. Sweet and innocent and more than my goth heart can handle.
If this description sounds fantastic to you: Don’t be shy, these sticks aren’t either. Try them. 😀
Unfortunately, they only receive a rating of 2.2 from me.

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