Jeomra's - NATUR PUR - Weihrauch & Rose

Jeomra’s – Natur pur – Weihrauch & Rose

Georg Huber (Jeomra) became aware of me on Instagram in mid-2023 and offered me samples of their (then) entire line of in-house incense sticks, which of course I accepted with pleasure.

Weihrauch & Rose [Frankincense & Rose] is one of the current 10 varieties in the “Natur pur” (pure nature) line. A sampler, which contains 2 sticks of each scent, is available for €26.90.
Weihrauch & Rose is available from €11.90 for 10 Sticks, there are also packs of 20 and 50. In the best case, this makes a unit price of around 94 cents. If you buy 10 Sticks, you pay €1.20 per stick.
The burning time is given as 50-60 minutes.

Ingredients: Sandalwood from Indonesia, beech charcoal from Germany, frankincense from Oman (B. sacra), joss powder from Vietnam, German wild honey, Bulgarian rose absolute, blend of essential oils
Coating: ground rose petals (organic)

There are combinations that are just perfect and timeless. I think rose and frankincense is one of those, and Jeomra’s Weihrauch & Rose is an excellent illustration of it.
The rose scent is not of the overly sweet kind. I can only assume that this is because of the absolute. Unlike essential oil, which is obtained through steam distillation, an absolute is the result of an entirely different extraction process. To put it very simply: The raw material is placed in a solvent that extracts the aromatic substances. After filtering, the solvent is evaporated. This results in a concentrated substance that has a different scent profile than the essential oil from the same source material. This rose absolute has a green tone, an almost herbaceous aspect, which for me represents a much more complete, authentic rose scent profile than all rose essential oils that I have smelled so far.
The freshness of the Sacra frankincense underlines this green aspect; the sweetness of the rose combines with the honey or perhaps something else from the “blend of essential oils”, there is nothing in it that I can identify.
Both main actors are distinctive, but they are not separate, not next to each other; they form a very well-rounded, balanced union.

For me, the smell of Weihrauch & Rose leaves a cleansed, positively charged and solemn atmosphere, but this is strongly influenced by the fact that frankincense and rose oil are two main components of my personal house cleansing incense, which I use to fumigate the house once a year for many years now. This scent immediately puts me in a corresponding mood.
Leaving this aside, Weihrauch & Rose simply has a beautiful scent that I can only warmly recommend to anyone who loves the scent of frankincense and roses.
Once again, I was shown that I can really appreciate the smell of roses if the quality is right.

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