Cycle Brand - Parampara

Cycle Brand – Parampara

Cycle is not a broadly available brand in Germany, but with a bit of luck you can find it in well-stocked incense shops. The pack contains the usual 15g / approx. 12 pieces and costs €1.45. 12ct per stick.

Usually, I dislike soapy smells in incense sticks. I think it’s also unpleasant for most other people and commonly seen as an indication of inferior quality or the use of artificial additives.
Parampara smells soapy – but for me, it’s not that unpleasant, harsh soapy smell, but rather a soft, powdery-soapy one. The description from Ephra World Shop compares it to a bar of sandalwood soap, which I find very apt. “Freshly washed laundry” comes to my mind.

I also smell a resinous freshness that I know from certain other incense sticks (Hari Om – Panchamukhi; they are unfortunately no longer available and sorely missed by me) which I suspect contain some frankincense. (I found this particular smell in purer form just today in Vijyashree‘s Golden Nag Meditation.) The note comes out a little stronger in the aftersmell.
There is also a spicy, somewhat bitter aspect that might be even bitter for some noses. I can find this too, in Manmohak Oudh by Cycle, along with a touch of the powdery soapiness that dominates Parampara.

Recently, in a conversation on Reddit, someone described the smell as “like old lady perfume” and I can understand the comparison, but I find they leave behind a clean feeling in the room. However, if you are very sensitive to soapy smells, you should stay away from them.

Not for every day, but I like them.
Rating: 3.2

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