Vijayshree - GOLDEN - Hit

Vijayshree – GOLDEN Hit

Maybe like “a hit in your face”.
I ordered this pack from Sonnlicht.de a while ago because they were reduced due to stock clearance. In my opinion, €1.45 is still too much. They contain the usual amount of 15g/~15pcs. Burning time is approx. 30-40 minutes. – If you can stand it for that long.
No. – These incense sticks seem to have their advocates, e.g. B. Steve Pereira, who gave them a score of 39 on Incense In the Wind. It’s simply a matter of taste.
My first impression was a very generic incense smell. In addition, I find it very perfumey and artificial and therefore intrusive. I would describe the general character as astringent, almost biting. With enough air dilution, I detect a woody note that is also quite dry. Every now and then, but especially shortly after lighting and extinguishing the stick, there’s a smell that makes me think of fireworks, and it gets stuck in my clothes.
I haven’t even managed to use up the first stick.
Rating: 0.9

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