Song of India - Aroma Temple

Song Of India – Aroma Temple

These were part of my very first order from Ephra-World-Shop and I bought it purely because of the packaging design. I hadn’t realized that they were dipped incense sticks until I opened the box. But once I had it, I wanted to try it out.

They come in a sealed inner bag, which is certainly an advantage with dipped incense.
Even when unlit, they smell intensely perfumey.
They have no smoke smell, but are very potent. At the beginning it’s quite nice, but very soon it’s like a cross between old lady perfume and toilet air freshener, or like those room perfumes with rattan sticks, which I generally find obtrusive.

They’re not really bad, I’m sure there are people who like these type of heavy floral scents, but they’re definitely not for me.

I didn’t take very thorough notes back then, but I think I would have put them in the low 2 rating range.

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