Padmini - OM

Padmini – OM

After Aroma Temple, another pack of dipped incense sticks. Likewise, purchased from Ephra, in the same order, sometime in early 2021 I believe.
They were on sale and I wanted to use them to challenge my opinion on Dipped Incense.

I found it striking that the unlit sticks smell very different, depending on how close you hold them to your nose: from further away, they smell undefined spicy, soft and slightly soapy – up close, earthy, almost petrichor-like.
When lit, they smell again entirely different. Then they give a mild, dark, ambery scent, sweet and slightly spicy. Unfortunately, they smell strongly of charcoal.
In an attempt to talk myself into liking them, I thought I might pick them up when I’m feeling like sitting by a wood stove in the summer, but I haven’t used them once since then, so they recently went into the “give away” box.

I would rate these also in the lower 2 range.

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