Elbenzauber - Nag Champa

Elbenzauber – Nag Champa

I was recommended Elbenzauber by a friend many years ago, back then, they’ve been a hidden gem, still very unknown. She later included 3 packs for me with an order she placed. Those were Mandragora, Everest, and I believe Aloe Amber. Aloe has nothing to do with Aloeswood, but actually with a relative of Aloe Vera. The juice from the peel of the leafs is reduced to a “resin” that many people find to smell fruity. Unfortunately, I find it extremely bitter, and so these incense sticks weren’t for me. But I was very enthusiastic about the others.
This was right at the beginning of the phase in which I had almost completely stopped using incense sticks. I basically just used them up so they wouldn’t get old, and after that, I pretty much forgot about the brand. I was entirely focused on collecting and learning about raw substances and pure resins from all over the world.
That only changed again at the time I rediscovered my love for incense sticks and ran into an offer on Kleinanzeigen for 3 opened packs of ElbenzauberNag ChampaTallisin-Kräuter and Mattipal.

A pack usually costs about €4.50, the number of sticks can vary, I read somewhere that it’s 9-14 pieces, but they are always packs of 15g. You can occasionally find them in online shops, but will run into them often in stores in Berlin, for example at Amarandel on Mainzer Straße and of course in the brand owner’s shop itself: Koh-Do on Stargarder Straße. I asked them for a dealer list, but unfortunately received no response.

“The ground Champaca flower (michaelia champaca) alone provides this incomparable, floral-aromatic, oriental flair. Promotes relaxation and well-being.”
Description from the Amarandel Shop

Nag Champa by Elbenzauber are my current favourite Nag Champa.
They have a very classic Nag Champa scent profile and strike me as a perfect combination of my 3 previous favourites: Goloka – NagchampaVijayshree – Golden Nag Champa and the legendary one: Happy Hari – Nag Champa Gold.
The first time I tried it, they immediately reminded me of Nag Champa Gold, which I find to be extremely soft and creamy, and they also have a waxy note, which I as well find in this Nag Champa in a much weaker form.
They have the strong, musky base that I appreciate in Vijayshree’s Golden Nag Champa, but this also seems milder and rounder here; it doesn’t compete with the other aspects, like in Vijayshree‘s.
What is particularly typical of Nag Champa is the pronounced florality, which is slightly tart and, in this variety, also has a touch of freshness. Now and then I smell a spicy, fresh green tone that vaguely reminds me of fennel.
The woody note of the base is not neglected either. In the sweetness, I occasionally find a hint of warm vanilla.
Overall, the scent is very round and balanced, gentle and strong at the same time.
It is a wonderful summer scent that invites you to let your thoughts drift. Lie in the shade of a tree with a mild breeze and listen to the birds. – Even if it’s actually just 12°C outside.

I can’t decide on a specific rating yet, but it’s definitely in the 4-range.

Elbenzauber – Nag Champa also got reviewed on Incense in The Wind.

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