Tulasi – Nag Champa

Shortly after I wrote the review of Tulasi – Nag Champa Sandalwood, I received a single stick of Tulasi – Nag Champa from Steve Pereira (Incense in The Wind) among other things. A lucky hit because they were on my curiosity list and I didn’t know he had them.

At Ephra I see 2 versions of this Nag Champa: a 15g box for €1.65 and a hexa box version with 15 sticks for €1.50. Steve bought the 15g box here.

Tulasi – Nag Champa are a solid contribution to the Nag Champa genre. There is absolutely nothing that I’d like to complain about. The smell is balanced and strong without being overpowering. It is a classic Nag Champa scent profile – unmistakable – anyone who has ever smelled Nag Champa will recognize it immediately.
Within the genre, they tend to be on the deeper or darker side of the olfactory spectrum. The woody and slightly spicy aspect is clear, but does not compete with the florality, overall, it seems very well-rounded. I can smell a fresh note that makes it more interesting. Today (I spared half the stick for a second burn) I noticed a waxy tone that I have also noticed in other Nag Champa (e.g. Happy Hari – Nag Champa GoldElfenzauber – Nag ChampaShanthimalai – Nag Champa).
I find them similar to the Nagchampa from Goloka, compared to which Tulasi are a bit more tart. There’s a certain musky aspect that I don’t find in Goloka, but Tulasi are less creamy; Goloka appear brighter.

I need to get a pack of these incense sticks to get to know them better. That one stick made me curious for more. I could even imagine them overtaking Goloka Nagchampa‘s rank with me.

Preliminary rating: 3.5(+)

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