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Goloka – Nature’s: Nest, Parijatha

Of these two Nature’s line incenses, I received two samples each from Steve Pereira. I requested them because, Parijatha, while popular, seems to be a scent that divides opinions, and Nest because it’s one of the most popular varieties of the line. Overall, however, the Nature’s line seems to be considered rather mediocre.

Nature’s Parijatha

The base of Parijatha smells like cedarwood to me. It’s a warm, slightly fruity wood scent with a pleasant sweetness. I smell something else sweet, perhaps guggul, which is more subtle and balsamic. There is also a floral aspect with a heady, somewhat zesty citrus note.
When I read Steve’s review, I wonder if the volatile notes in these incense sticks have partially evaporated because for me, the woodiness is very dominant, and I only occasionally catch a hint of the note he describes as tangerine. However, I do find tangerine to be a very fitting description, as my mother has an essential oil of green mandarins, and I am indeed reminded of it.
In any case, I find Parijatha much more interesting than Divine out of the Premium line, which also smells of cedar, and the samples have made me curious enough to maybe buy a box of it.

Nature’s Nest

The scent of these incense sticks reminds me of Vetiver from the Naturals line, which to me doesn’t smell very natural and barely like vetiver. At least not like vetiver as a raw ingredient.
I find Nature’s Nest better because they are not as strong and obtrusive as Vetiver. Additionally, the scent is generally a bit more interesting. I am anything but sure, but I think there might be lavender or lavandin involved here.
The smell is rather deep, somewhat earthy, and very spicy tart and slightly herbal. From the aspect that reminds me of vetiver, a light sweetness is brought along, but the scent profile is much rather dry and slightly powdery.
In between, I discover a fresh tone and something floral, but both can characteristically be assigned to either vetiver or lavender. I burned the first stick on one of the hottest days of the year so far, and wondered if I perceived the scent as so warm and dry only because of that.
Indeed, today, at a moderate 20°C, I find the fresh note mentioned above, but still find it dry. Additionally, I noticed a slightly soapy smell.
I would describe the after-smell as somewhat perfumey. I find Nature’s Nest okay, but not interesting enough to want to buy a box of it.

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