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Shroff - Mysore Musk 50g

Shroff – Mysore Musk

[Updated: 2024-06-03]

The Dry Masala Sampler, compiled by Padma Store, currently sold out, costs €15.95 (in March 2022) for 2 incense sticks of each of the 12 varieties available at the time. Now there are 17.

In Mysore Musk, this peculiar scent that reminds me of ironed fabric and firecrackers, is again somewhat more dominant. Either I’m slowly getting used to it, or it fits in really well here. It’s the first thing I smell after lighting a stick, but it is quickly overtaken by a multitude of other notes.
The scent profile of Mysore Musk is sweet, strong, spicy-aromatic, and rounded. It has a balsamic component that mitigates the dryness of the “ironed fabric” smell to a certain extent. The musk aspect is rather subdued, I find other varieties of the line much more musky, but the musk becomes more prominent in the afterscent.
Today, I also detect a kind of fruity note, but unfortunately, I have reached the end of the second sample and cannot say whether this impression would deepen.
There’s a lot going on in this composition. I find the scent to be very lively. It reminds me of a busy marketplace full of people scurrying around; a place full of voices, colours, and smells.

Rating: ~ 3+

Update: 2024-06-03

At the end of 2023, I bought a 50g pack of Mysore Musk from Padma Store. It contained 40 sticks for €8.95, that’s about 22 cents each.
The scent matches that of the samples, and I am still very intrigued with it, although Max finds it too animalic.

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