Jeomra's - NATUR PUR - Sandelholz

Jeomra’s  – Natur pur – Sandelholz

Georg Huber (Jeomra) became aware of me on Instagram in mid-2023 and offered me samples of their (then) entire line of in-house incense sticks, which of course I accepted with pleasure.

Sandelholz (sandalwood) is one of the currently 10 varieties of “Natur pur” (pure nature) line. A sampler, which contains 2 sticks of each scent, is available for €26.90.
Sandelholz is available from €15.90 for 10 sticks, there are also packs of 20 and 50. In the best-case, this makes a price per stick of around €1.24; if you buy a pack of 10, you pay €1.95 per stick.
The burning time is given as 60–70 minutes.

Ingredients: Real sandalwood powder Santalum album in the highest quality: Mysore grade, beech charcoal from Germany, Joss powder, German forest honey, Santalum album – essential oil
Coating: Mysore sandalwood powder

Sandelholz have a rich smell, but without being overpowering. The sandalwood used (and its oil) is very much on the buttery side of the scent-spectrum that sandalwood has to offer.
Like Sandalwood from Jiri & Friends, the smell of Jeomra’s Sandelholz is rather savoury; it reminds me of crackers and appears almost salty. The density of the scent sometimes even makes it appear musky to me. 
In contrast to the sticks from J&F, I don’t find these dry in any way. It’s a rich, soft, warm woody smell with a strong sandalwood character and a lot of volume. Their scent is very pure, I don’t notice any charcoal at all, and I can’t find any note in them that isn’t sandalwood. It is as if Jeomra managed to compress the pure sandalwood smell (which I also know from the wood and essential oil they sell) into these incenses.
The sticks are also very economical and burn pleasingly slowly; I only need to burn a 1/4th stick at a time.

What I miss is the sweetness that I associate with sandalwood in general. If you don’t feel that way – and I know many people love this other type of sandalwood scent – you probably can’t ignore Jeomra’s sandalwood because the quality is impressive.

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