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Song Of India – Premium – Bodhi Sutra

One of the samples I received in exchange with Steve Pereira. A 15g box usually costs 2-3€.

Bodhi Sutra is quite intense. The scent is somewhat perfume-like but certainly interesting. Once again, I immediately felt that the smell was familiar, and I’ve since realised why: it reminds me of Timelessness out of the Goloka Reiki line. The similarity isn’t strikingly strong; I perceive the two scents as points on a spectrum with several gradations between them, but I’m not sure how relatable this will be to others.
Like Timelessness, Bodhi Sutra has a certain association with “Oudh” scent concepts for me. I put “Oudh” in quotation marks because the smell I’m referring to is almost certainly not genuine Oudh, which is a very expensive raw material.
The scent of Bodhi is woody, rather heavy, and slightly powdery. It has a good share of floral notes, sometimes it seems fruity, and there is also a freshness in the composition.
When I compare them directly with Timelessness, I find Timelessness to be less fresh and floral but woodier, deeper, calmer, and with a woody spiciness that I don’t detect in Bodhi Sutra. Bodhi, on the other hand, seems quite lively.
I’ve also noticed a certain family resemblance to the other two varieties I’ve already encountered from the Organic Goodness line. I wouldn’t say I can detect Frankincense here, but perhaps it’s the freshness combined with the slightly perfumed character that makes it appear similar to me. However, Bodhi has significantly less similarity to Arabian Oudh than to Timelessness.

I like the scent, but I must admit that, given the current extent of my collection, I’ve become picky about what I repurchase, especially with recurring scent concepts.

Rating: 3 range

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