Goloka - Goodearth

Goloka – Goodearth vs. Ogranic Goodness – Arabian Oudh

Goloka - Goodearth

Goloka – Goodearth from the Premium line is relatively new to me. I was only recently able to buy it cheaply on Kleinanzeigen.de. Regularly it costs €1.65, in a brick- and-mortar store maybe €3. A box contains 15g / approx. 12 pieces. Based on the cheapest price, that’s around 14 ct. per stick. Burning time approx. 35-45 minutes.
There’s a small print beneath the name that says, “Agarwood Masala Incense”.

The raw smell is sweet, dark and somewhat harsh. When lit, the scent is woody and balsamic. They have a dark-sweet, rather warm component, as well as something fresh, spicy, which brings a cool sensation. I have noticed this duality with other “Agarwood” incense sticks.
Compared to Arabian Oudh, the fresh aspect of Goodearth suddenly appears resinous to me; something like black Hojari Frankincense. Pine wood also appears as an association, when the resinous note combines with the warm smell of wood.
Overall, I find Goodearth to be well-balanced, rather complex and with a good volume. They are powerful but not too intrusive. Its scent stays in the room for a pleasantly long time.
Rating: 4.2

Organic Goodness - Arabian Oudh

I just recently wrote about Organic Goodness – Arabian Oudh when I compared it to Oud from Goloka. That’s why I won’t go into much detail about it now. 
In contrast to Goodearth, these smell a lot more powdery and floral than they do on their own. At first, I thought of orris root, which is probably the epitome of powdery smell. Compared to the broad volume of Goodearth, this fragrance appears slim. The sweetness comes more to the fore, and the keyword “perfumy” gains weight. However, still in a positive sense for me.

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