Aromandise - Tiaré

Aromandise – Encens traditionnel – TIARÉ

This pack was part of my Padma Store order in March 2022. It contains 20 incense sticks for €5.95 (about 30 cents each), the burning time is stated as approx. 45 minutes on the pack, but around 35 minutes on the Padma Store website.
The ingredients listed on the pack are: Halmaddi, sandalwood, and essential oils. On the Aromandise website, the ingredients listed include: wood powder, cane sugar, benzoin resin, essential oils of palmarosa, lemon, patchouli, ylang-ylang, and dry extract of vanilla bean. I asked about this discrepancy, but haven’t received any feedback yet. It seems to be a mistake by the graphics department, as the wrong German text was inserted.

TIARÉ doesn’t smell like my beloved Monoi Tiki Tahiti Tiaré body oil, but it smells incredibly good. The first time I used these incense sticks (with the door into the hallway open), my mother came upstairs from her part of the house to ask what smelled so good.
The scent is floral and tangy. I can clearly sense the smoothness of the sandalwood. The floral aspect is rather heady, but there are some deeper notes as well. I detect a slightly waxy scent and some rather tart and earthy tones in the base. The latter is surely from the patchouli oil, although it doesn’t stand out.

TIARÉ is a lovely, balanced composition that I particularly enjoy in summer. I especially appreciate the unobtrusive, natural scent character of these incense sticks.
It’s worth mentioning that this Aromandise incense stick line is ICEA certified; therefore, the “100% Natural” on the pack is fully credible in this case. It’s also a fair-trade product, and the packaging is plastic-free.

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