Vijayshree - Golden Nag - Breuzinho

Vijayshree – Golden Nag Breuzinho

Purchased from Spiru.de, a shop with super annoying marketing but often good deals. The box (15g) cost €1.49.

Breuzinho (Protium heptaphyllum) is a type of Copal resin with an incredibly complex scent.
The smell of these incense sticks doesn’t even come close to that.
From the start on, Nag Breuzinho reminded me of Satya incense sticks because the scent is very creamy and has a fruity sweetness. If it reminds me of any resin, it’s perhaps closest to Balga (the deep red resin of an Australian grass tree, Xanthorrhoea preissii) but even that is quite a stretch, as I find the scent of these incense sticks pretty synthetic.
Indoors, they are unbearable to me; this creamy-fruity sweetness is extremely obtrusive and it lingers. On the balcony, I find them okay.
There’s a tangy overtone to them that’s quite interesting. I also like the faint musky scent in the background, which I only really notice outdoors. In the fresh air, I also smell a slight tart note, somewhere between the musk and the fruity scent.
Nevertheless, I have to say that I like them less with each use. I now only use them to finish them up.

I really like Vijayshree products, but Nag Breuzinho is not for me. If Satya – Reiki is among your favourites, and you’re looking for some variety, you might give Nag Breuzinho a go.

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