Blue Pearl – Classic Champa

Like the other samples of Blue Pearl, this one also comes from Steve Pereira, who writes the “Incense in The Wind” blog. Earlier this year, we had an incense exchange. Here is his review of Classic Champa.

On the Blue Pearl website, you can find Classic Champa in the ‘Original Incense’ category. However, the package says, ‘classic imported incense’. Blue Pearl is almost exclusively available in the US market. Classic Champa costs about $5 for 20g and $15 for 100g packs there. In England, it is available at Vitamin Grocer (20g – £4.49); in Germany, there are only a few overpriced offers on Amazon (100g for €24). Padma Store no longer stocks them because the import from the USA made it too expensive.

The other Blue Pearl samples didn’t particularly impress me, but Classic Champa did right away.
They start off very woody. It is a warm, slightly caramel-sweet scent, soon followed by the classic floral aroma of the Champaka Magnolia. It’s somewhat tart and slightly fruity. There is also a creamy note. Furthermore, I smell vanilla and a distinct note of sandalwood oil, which remains permanently present. ‘Chandan Champa’ would have also been a fitting name for this scent.
There is a certain volatile note, like alcohol, but I don’t find it strong enough to be disturbing. I notice it the most when the windows are just tilted, not open.
The scent is very lively and cheerful. It has a lightness that sets it apart from other Nag Champas, like those by Goloka or Tulasi. I love the sweet scent of sandalwood oil, left behind as the after-smell.

I wouldn’t want to buy 100g of Classic Champa for €24, but they are very yummy incense sticks that one can indulge in if found at reasonable prices. Especially lovers of sweet sandalwood scent and Nag Champa should keep an eye out for them.

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