Mother's - Mira - Coffee Indiase Koffie

The Mother’s – Indiase Koffie (Coffee)

When I tried Mother’s Incense in 2022, having gone through the Regular sampler (purchased from Padma Store) and just started the Nagchampa sampler, I was so in love with Mother’s that I wanted to try more – ideally everything. So, at the end of 2022, I ordered from Wierook, the official EU Mother’s importer, in the Netherlands.
Until then, I was pretty convinced that there couldn’t be anything by Mother’s that I wouldn’t like. So, in addition to more samplers, I also ordered several packs of incense sticks to challenge this belief – successfully. Indiase Koffie was one of them.

Indiase Koffie apparently belongs to the extended Mira line. As far as I know, Wierook is currently the only retailer that carries this variety. A pack contains 24 charcoal-based incense sticks and costs €2.95; 12 cents per stick.
The scent is advertised in the shop as follows: “A delicious Indian coffee scent, which you may know from the Indian Coffee House. Naturally caffeine-free and without synthetic sweeteners. A good idea if you want to cut down on coffee.” Furthermore, there is a warning on the product page that this scent may be too dominant and strong for some.

Indiase Koffie was one of the 2–3 varieties I could smell right out of the large shipping box. Unfortunately, in a rather unpleasant way, as the slightly bitter coffee smell doesn’t mix well with the other scents.
Indiase Koffie is dominant, that’s for sure. However, I find the warning that it might be too strong exaggerated. When lit, they are of normal strength. It’s just not a typical incense stick smell.
Do Indiase Koffie actually smell like coffee? – Yes and no.
They don’t smell like freshly brewed coffee or coffee beans, but they smell like coffee aroma; like coffee candies, or those overly sweet coffees you can buy as a canned beverage. While the scent is not that sweet, the type of sweetness is similar.
There’s also an indistinct, bitter note that comes off as somewhat stale. Like smelling an old tin where coffee was stored in.
To me, it doesn’t smell like coffee, but like a condensed version of its scent, missing the more complex notes. The scent is unsatisfying and simultaneously overwhelming. Like when you crave some really good coffee but only have sweetened instant coffee at home.
The after-smell is less sweet but still far from an authentic coffee scent.

Indiase Koffie, for me, has the level of a gimmick. Maybe I would have liked it as a teen when I used to drink said canned coffees, but actually, I doubt it.


My friend Max recently recommended this video that I really enjoyed. The coffee YouTuber James Hoffmann, who likes to refer to himself as a “weird coffee person” hosts a coffee tasting with another YouTuber (Tom Scott), who says he doesn’t like coffee but wants to change that.
The video feels very much like when I’m witnessing people try unfamiliar incense. An exciting sensory journey of discovery.

Part of me would love to see James Hoffmann’s reaction to these incense sticks, but at the same time, I don’t want to expose him to them. 🤣

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