Aromandise – encens ecologique: Eucalyptus Leaves, Cannabis, Provençal Lavender, Verbena from China, Lemongrass from Madagascar

You can read the main article about the encense ecologique line here, there you will also find information about prices and possible sources of supply (in Germany).

Aromandise‘s extremely friendly and helpful customer service provided me with a list of ingredients for all varieties of this line. Again, many thanks for that!

Eucalyptus Leaves

Ingredients: Plant powder, wood powder, eucalyptus and vetiver essential oil.

As I mentioned with Ispalla – Palo Santo & Eucalyptus, I absolutely cannot stand eucalyptus.
These incense sticks smell very much like eucalyptus. They are not particularly strong, which keeps it in a tolerable range for me. The smell is as expected: herbaceous, tart-fresh and slightly sweet. I smell the bitter note that I can’t stand in eucalyptus.
Compared to the Ispalla incense sticks mentioned above, these have less of the minty freshness. I don’t find it as airy as Ispalla‘s, rather as deep.
Herbal scent lovers could certainly enjoy this.

I tried the cones outside and found them to smell better than the sticks.
They smell fresher, menthol-like, and they are tart, but not bitter.
Additionally, I didn’t find them to smell sooty or ashy like many of the other cones from this brand.

Sometimes, other ingredients are listed for the cones. For eucalyptus Leaves they are: plant powder, wood powder, resin, juniper berry essential oil and vetiver.


Ingredients: Plant powder, wood powder, eucalyptus powder, essential oils of patchouli, lavandin and eucalyptus.

Does Cannabis smell like cannabis? – No. There is a vague similarity in that the aroma of these incense sticks is of the “burning herb” type, but lacks the sweet note typical of weed, in my opinion. The eucalyptus stands out a bit and brings a certain, faint sweetness, but not enough to create the olfactory illusion that seems to be intended.
If you like herbaceous smells, you might still like Cannabis.

Provençal Lavender

Ingredients: wood powder, natural flower powder, resins, natural mineral, lavender and vetiver essential oil.

I rarely think much of lavender incense sticks, and that’s the case with these, too.
The scent is slightly powdery-sweet, just like some lavender oils. The sticks are not potent, the smell is very reserved. I find it slightly earthy and rather deep, and it has a slightly calming effect on me.
Maybe Provençal Lavender is something for lavender lovers who are looking for something to burn in the background, but in my opinion they are nothing special.

Verbena from China

Ingredients: Natural lemongrass powder, wood powder, benzoin resin, natural mineral, natural vegetable oil, patchouli, lemongrass and eucalyptus essential oil.

Verbena from China have a herbaceous-citrusy, but rather dry smell. The aroma is very reserved and gives the wood powder (mentioned in the ingredients) room to show itself. Over time, I find a fine, mineral-pungent note, such as that found in some green teas.
The smell is very unobtrusive, I find it almost a little too weak. Maybe some of the essential oils have already evaporated.

Lemongrass from Madagascar

Ingredients: wood powder, natural vegetable oil, patchouli essential oil, natural mineral, natural citronella powder, benzoin resin, lemongrass, lemon, eucalyptus, vetiver and lavandin essential oils.

Lemongrass from Madagascar has a slightly stronger smell than Verbena, but they are not really strong either.
The smell doesn’t seem dry. It is tart, fresh and grassy and appears a little deeper than that of Verbena.
Especially when I compare it with Lemongrass by Mother’s (Herbal line), Lemongrass from Madagascar seems slightly sweetened to me. Its scent profile also seems headier and slightly more complex than that of Mother’s – Lemongrass.

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