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The Ecological Incense range by Aromandise (Les Encens Du Monde) currently consists of 30 scents of incense stick and 9 fragrances of cones. It was designed as a pick-‘n’mix concept for sales in brick-and-mortar stores.
Almost all of them are single note scents.

The pick’n’mix concept is not very common here in Germany. I’m not sure what it’s like in other European countries. I mainly know it (via Reddit) from the USA, where it seems to be mainly a thing for cheap, perfume-dipped incense sticks.
However, encense ecologique keeps what its name promises: It’s ICEA certified, which means it’s guaranteed 100% natural, has been produced in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner (including the packaging) and is also fair-trade. It’s manufactured in the Indian province of Pondicherry.

I got quite a bunch of these sticks (and a couple of the cones too) at an incense exchange. The person who gave them to me received them as a gift themselves and several assorted sample packages thereof, of which they gave me three. So I got almost all the scents available, only 3 are missing, which were added later to the range. (The packages are about a year old.) I got all the ones listed above in bold.
I had to do some research because initially, I didn’t know exactly what the line was called, and I couldn’t find it on the Aromandise website, so I contacted their customer service via email.

The Aromandise customer service is incredibly nice and helpful. I want to give them a huge shout-out. The nice lady who I was in contact with patiently answered all my questions, I was willingly provided information about the ingredients (which I will share in the individual reviews) and I have a (very short) list of shops in Germany which stock this line.
She also kindly sent me links to product catalogues:
English (page 36), German (page 34)
You can see a picture of the standee in there.

The dealer list:

  • The Vitalia Reformhaus chain – not all markets stock them, but the one in Munich/Viktualienmarkt does. The incense sticks are sold for 40ct. Here is the link to the Vitalia market-finder.
  • Kräuterhaus Wurzelsepp OHG (Nuremberg) sells them for 60ct each; 10 pieces cost €5.
  • Reformhaus Klett (71034 Böblingen) also stocks them.

While googling, I found an online retailer in France that sells them for 35ct, although not the full range.
If you want to search for them on the Internet yourself, the barcode numbers on the bags are: 3560465400595 (sticks) and 3560465400588 (cones).

The few that I have tried so far have impressed me in terms of quality and smell, which is why I am making this effort here.
However, I have to say that I find the cones significantly worse than the sticks, which is a problem with incense cones in general. They burn hotter and that is detrimental to the smell.
Since there is such a large amount, I probably won’t combine the reviews into one article like I do with other samplers, but rather publish them individually or in groups. There will also be some comparative reviews again, like in Three times Cinnamon.

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