Sonnentag - Natural Scents - Kailash

Sonnentag – Natural Scents – Kailash

I discovered the Sonnentag brand by chance and ordered the incense sticks directly from their shop. The regular price is €2.70, I bought Kailash on special offer for €2.20. One pack contains 10g, in the case of Kailash that were 10 incense sticks, which makes an approximate unit price of 27ct.
A burning time is not specified.

I had a short, friendly email contact with Sonnentag and learned that the manufacturing company in India from which they had previously got their incense from unfortunately no longer exists. So the incense sticks that have been produced in India will disappear from their range as soon as the current stock is sold out, and Kailash is one of them.

Sonnentag - Kailash

Sonnentag mention jasmine and vanilla as ingredients. They describe the scent profile as “floral, heavy, sweet, spicy”.

I find an unpleasantly pungent aspect in Kailash. It’s a note that I would have initially thought was nutmeg because its smell often reminds me of cat pee. In the case of Kailash, it seems to be the jasmine that triggers the same association for some people, including me. I can’t manage to burn more than a few centimetres of it, the smell is just too overpowering for me.
Apart from this note, Kailash smells sweet, slightly creamy and spicy. It’s a scent profile that I’ve come across a few times already, it seems to have a certain tradition within Indian incense.
I only smell a bit of vanilla in the afterscent. Then it reveals itself to me as a subtle “cake cream” smell. Even then, the spicy nutmeg note remains very dominant.

I will send Kailash to a friend who has liked other incense sticks that have this unpleasant note for me before. I’m curious to hear his opinion.

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