Les Encens du Monde – Wellbeing – Sandalwood Relaxation

I got these samples from an incense exchange at the beginning of 2023.
At Aromandise, a box of 30 sticks costs €6.50. They are approx. 13.5cm long and burn for 30 minutes.
These sticks are made on the Japanese island of Awaji by Kunjodo. In their shop, they cost 990 yen, which is the equivalent of around €5.85, so Aromandise‘s resell price has not a huge markup.
I haven’t found an online shop in Germany that sells them, but this Swiss shop has them in their range for 12.10 CHF.

Aromandise - Sandalwood Relaxation

Ingredients : Santalum spicatum (Australian sandalwood, from plantations in eastern Australia), green tea extracts, aromas
According to the company, these incense sticks contain 2-3% synthetic fragrances.

The mixture of Australian sandalwood and aromas do a good job, these sticks have a pleasant, unobtrusive sandalwood smell. There is also a grassy-green note of green tea, which gives the scent a touch of freshness.
They have a slight similarity to (the Japanese version of) Eternal Treasure by Shoyeido, but the chlorophyll note is much less pronounced than with those.
In the near-by area of the burning stick, I find the smell a little smoky, but not scratchy. With more space, the woody scent gains softness and milkiness typical of sandalwood, after an initially rather dry sensation.
In terms of quality, I would classify them as something like Itten by Nippin Kodo. I think I like Sandalwood Relaxation a little better, but there aren’t any Itten sticks left so that I could compare.

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