NIC - Yoga - Namaste Nag Champa

Yogi & Yogini – Yoga – Namaste (Nag Champa)

Yogi & Yogini is a trademark of Mani Bhadra BV, which belongs to Phoenix Import, a wholesaler based in the Netherlands. They are produced by the Natural Incense Company, which in turn belongs to Fiore D’Oriente. Fiore also has a Yoga line with an almost identical packaging design. I assume these are the same incense sticks, but packaged and sold as “private label“.
The sticks are 23cm long and burn well over an hour. A pack contains 10 sticks, or 20g, and typically costs between 4 and 6€. I purchased this pack second-hand.

Namaste is not a particularly classical entry into the Nag Champa genre, but it is clearly recognizable as such. It is less creamy than Nag Champa usually is, and the woody base scent is not very prominent. Instead, Namaste has a distinctly fruity and tangy character, leaning towards citrus fruits, sometimes with a rather slightly herbal tone, reminiscent of lemongrass.
The incense sticks take a while to fully unfold their scent. Initially, the smell can be a bit tart or even scratchy, reminding me of Nag Champa Gold (Happy Hari) to a certain degree. Later, the tart note becomes part of the fruity to herbaceous aspect.

The sweetness is balsamic and honey-like, a recurring element of this manufacturer, but in Namaste, it is moderate and only occasionally comes to the fore, adding some variety to the scent. When the sweetness is particularly noticeable, the fragrance is very captivating, while overall the composition feels fresh and invigorating.

Namaste is not my favourite Nag Champa, but its distinctive character provides a pleasant variation.

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