Cycle – Asli Bakhoor

Another sample from the incense exchange with Steve Pereira, here is his review of Asli Bakhoor.

Bakhoor is actually a traditional type of incense from the Arab regions. It typically consists of wood chips cooked with aromatic oils, resins, and sugar. The result is a highly aromatic mass that is burned on charcoal or, more recently, on an incense heater.

Asli Bakhoor is a pleasant interpretation of a Bakhoor scent. It’s not overly intense but makes its presence felt. The scent is heavy, slightly herbal, and reminds me of (inexpensive) Attar perfumes, but it doesn’t smell soapy like many cheap Bakhoors do, and that’s something I appreciate. It has a rather powdery fragrance with a hint of soft musk and a woody base. There’s some sweetness present, but it doesn’t dominate.
Asli Bakhoor is the first Cycle incense I’ve tried that doesn’t have the typical “Cycle base smell” that I’ve found more or less evident in all other sticks of the brand: an animalic scent (possibly from allegedly contained cow dung) with a hint of Magenbrot spice in varying proportions.

I find the scent good, but it’s not the type of fragrance I actively seek out. Nevertheless, I can recommend Asli Bakhoor.

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