NIC - Yoga - Lotus

Yogi & Yogini – Yoga – Lotus (1000 flowers)

Yogi & Yogini is a trademark of Mani Bhadra BV, which belongs to Phoenix Import, a wholesaler based in the Netherlands. They are produced by the Natural Incense Company, which in turn belongs to Fiore D’OrienteFiore also has a Yoga line with an almost identical packaging design. I assume these are the same incense sticks, but packaged and sold as “private label“.
The sticks are 23cm long and burn well over an hour. A pack contains 10 sticks or 20g, and typically costs between 4 and 6€. I purchased this pack second-hand.

Lotus is a richly sweet, powdery-floral scent. Like many other varieties from this manufacturer, Lotus has a certain honey note, which further intensifies the sweetness.
While Lotus by Goloka scream “PINK” in your face, Yogi & Yogini – Lotus is like a pink silk veil that envelops you.
However, with the prevailing sweetness and the inherent strong family resemblance to other NIC products like Reiji and Om, Lotus is not a very distinctive fragrance. Nevertheless, I find it very enjoyable.

Lotus is cheerful, playful and positive. A solid recommendation for anyone who likes intensely sweet and captivating floral scents.

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