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Happy Hari – King of Vrindavan

This thick incense stick was part of the Happy Hari sample set from Padma Store, which I bought in 2022. The set contains one stick of each variety (13 in total) and cost €14.95 at the time. (The price has now risen by €1.)
A 10g pack of King of Vrindavan currently costs €4.25. The burning time per stick is stated as 60 minutes.

I’ve come across incense sticks with a vaguely similar scent concept several times now. I list them under the tag “Soap & Fresh Laundry”, but King of Vrindavan doesn’t actual have a soapy note. They smell very fresh and “clean” to me.
They are less sweet than the raw smell would suggest. The sweetness is floral, slightly tangy and fruity, but I also find resinous notes. Over time, a slightly tart, almost pungent note builds up in the background. It makes me think of the special smell of Vrindavan Flower. I don’t dare judge whether this is an association based on the name, or whether the name could actually be a reference to a shared ingredient.
Overall, the smell is very soft, powdery and musky, but in a fresh, bright way.
King of Vrindavan are relatively smoky, which is not surprising given the thickness of the sticks. In terms of smell intensity, however, I find them moderate. It’s a dense, rich smell that doesn’t overwhelm. The aftersmell shows more woodiness. The scent then appears more creamy, but retains some of the tart note.

I marked King of Vrindavan as discontinued because the Happy Hari brand itself no longer exists. What is sold by Padma Store is the remaining stock.
According to an ORS article, King of Vrindavan is still being sold under the name Krishna by Temple Of Incense (UK).

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