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Jeomra's NATUR PUR Zimt

Jeomra’s – Natur pur – Zimt

Georg Huber (Jeomra) became aware of me on Instagram in mid-2023 and offered me samples of the (then) entire line of their in-house incense sticks, which of course I accepted with pleasure.

Zimt [cinnamon] is available from €9.90 for 10 sticks, packs of 20 and 50 sticks are also available. In the best case, this makes a price per stick of about 78ct. If you buy a pack of 10, you pay 99ct per stick.
The burning time is given as 50-60 minutes.

Ingredients: Ceylon cinnamon powder (organic), beech charcoal from Germany, joss powder, forest honey from Germany, cinnamon leaf oil, cassia oil (organic). Coating: cinnamon powder (organic).

Cinnamon incense sticks are all too often neglected by me. It’s a scent I wouldn’t buy myself because I find cinnamon boring as a single-note scent, but when I get some and try it, I usually quite like it.

Jeomra’s Zimt are fantastic to say the least. I am absolutely impressed by how much depth and complexity there is in this “single-note” incense.
Zimt has a surprisingly pronounced musky note that I’ve discovered in other cinnamon incense sticks as well, but never so pronounced. My guess is that the Ceylon cinnamon (which is less intense and “hot” than cassia, but more complex and delicate) combines with the forest honey in a special way. This softness becomes particularly noticeable in the after-smell, and it lasts for a long time.
In addition to its pleasantly warm spice, the cinnamon bark also gives the scent a woody character. Sometimes the smell also gives me a slight association with pipe tobacco.
In warm weather, I had the impression that the scent comes across a little sweeter, then it makes me think of cinnamon rolls. Today the temperature is below 10°C, and it is raining, which seems to emphasize the woody, dry, but powdery-soft aspect of Zimt. In between, there is always a spiciness typical of cassia, which completes the cinnamon bouquet. I find this play between softness and spice particularly intriguing.

The composition of Zimt appears perfectly balanced and round. Their scent is impressively multi-faceted, but always warm and cosy. These are the best cinnamon incense sticks I have come across so far.

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