Angel Love by Green Tree

I recently received a sample of this as a gift. (Thank you again, dear Richter family!)
The packaging is incredibly kitschy, a purple-pink, sparkling star print, featuring a blonde angel. I have to admit that I would probably never have bought it for that reason alone. However, I am already moderately familiar with the Green Tree brand.
This is a Dutch company that sells esoteric items as a wholesaler and has incense sticks produced for them or does rebranding. What I have tried from them so far have been well-made run-of-the-mill masalas, with a relatively strong smell. I assume that oils are used here. They are not overly impressing, but good enough to leave you curious for more.

This blonde angel’s love smells like citrus to me. I recognize this special, citrusy, somewhat pungent smell from other sticks, but I’m not sure what it is exactly. The smell is fresh, but has a tart note that makes me think rather of grapefruit or the bitter taste of citrus fruit peel. It is very dominant in Balaji – Red, for example, and I also recognize it in Holy Smoke by Fleur de Vie.
Here, it is not just a part of the profile, but the main actor. There’s a certain sweetness behind it that I can’t define well. “Sugary” might fit.

In a composition, this note can add something interesting; as a standalone, it loses its appeal for me – although I was never a big fan of citrus scents. Even with resins that have a citrus note, it took me years to learn to appreciate them in some cases. Citronella is my kryptonite.
However, these sticks are subtle enough to not be too overwhelming for me. Not something I would buy again, but certainly not annoying.

If Balaji – Red are too strong for you, but you like the smell, you could give these a try.

Rating: 2.5

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