Goloka - Reiki - Enlightment

Goloka – Reiki Linie – Enlightment

No price information this time, I got these along with a few others on eBay-Kleinanzeigen at a bargain price – but they are in the brand’s usual price range.

Dai Ko Myo | Enlightment smells quite unique to me. In any case, I haven’t come across any other incense sticks that have a similar scent profile.
They definitely have a woody aspect to them, which I would classify rather as cedar-like. They smell a bit smoky, but not unpleasant. My first association was “Italian Coke”, which I crave every time I smell these sticks. (It’s a long drink made from Cola, Ramazzotti and lime juice, which I drank years ago and gave me my first heartburn. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a recipe; otherwise I would have added it below.) There’s this tone-setting sour note that makes me think of lemon juice, in addition to something herbaceous and balsamic. I also sometimes find a kind of amaretto note in the scent. Sweet, aromatic and soft, maybe even creamy.
The description at Ephra World Shop speaks of thyme, lime, wild honey, camphor and cardamom. At least the first two resonate with me; least of all, the camphor.
Amaretto and herbs remain in the room as an aftersmell.

Not for every day, but fantastic when I feel like it.
Rating: 3.3

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