Vijayshree - Golden Nag Meditation

Vijayshree – Golden Nag Meditation

Picked up as a bargain on eBay-Kleinanzeigen, the regular price is around 10-20ct per stick.

Nag Meditation starts off woody and sweet, but almost immediately becomes intensely fresh-fruity-resinous in a frankincense-like way. Not a cheap Frankincense, that is often burned in catholic churches, which often comes across as heavy and oily, but something from further up the shelf, B. dalziellii (“Janawi”) for example.
In fact, the smell reminds me of a frankincense soap which I love very much, and there is also a certain soapy note in this composition, especially if the scent has the chance to build up. When diluted with a good amount of air, it becomes more complex and even has a heady, resinous-minty-fresh note.
As the scent progresses, it becomes increasingly resinous and spicy, but there is even more going on: soft woody and sweet-spicy notes with a balsamic sweetness in the background, that is not always notable to the same degree. When the relative humidity is high, a floral aspect is revealed.
The aftersmell retains more of the sweeter notes and some of the spice.
Like all incense sticks from this brand, Nag Meditation are potent. They would attract too much attention to me for a meditation, but in terms of character I think the smell fits the theme.
In any case, it is an awesome fragrance composition. 
Rating: 4.2

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