Vijayshree - Golden Nag Darshan

Vijayshree – Golden Nag Darshan

Another eBay-Kleinanzeigen bargain.
In contrast to the Golden Nag Temple described yesterday, these are the most potent sticks from this brand so far, and I find them intrusive.
The scent is rather special. To me, it smells like someone said, “Hey! Let’s create an aquatic men’s deodorant, but put in lots of spices like cinnamon!” This may be intriguing for some – I know they have their lovers – for me, it just doesn’t add up.
Part of me wants to like this bold mix, but I just can’t warm to it.
They are a lot more pleasant outside than in the house, where the smell is absolutely overpowering and lasts very long. They show a little more balance outdoors. Then, they smell spicy and fresh, but it is and remains a stereotypical masculine perfume smell plus cinnamon to me.

Rating: 2.0

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