Tulasi – Nag Champa Sandalwood

I received 3 of these incense sticks as a gift last year. I was already familiar with the brand name Tulasi, but I hadn’t tried anything from them yet. In addition to Nag Champa Sandalwood, there are other “Nag Champa + X” varieties. It seems like a bit of a boring concept to me, which is why I probably never would have bought it.

Nag Champa Sandalwood doesn’t smell more like sandalwood than other Nag Champa to me. However, it’s definitely not a generic Nag Champa smell either.
They have a slightly masculine scent character, are a little less sweet and creamy, but rather tart and fresh. A nice change.
They remind me of various other incense sticks, such as Parampara (Cycle), to which they are less fresh and lively in comparison, or Tree of Life by Goloka, which I like significantly less than this one because with Tree of Life the male cologne character is very intrusive and here it’s just a detail that fits in remarkably well.
I also briefly compared them with Goloka – Nagchampa, next to which they appear almost cool. Goloka are much warmer, creamier and sweeter.

I find them really good and interesting, but not for every day.

Rating: 3.4

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