Goloka - Organica - Sritulsi

Goloka – ORGANICA – Sri Tulsi

There are a few confusing circumstances surrounding this line: It’s actually called ORGANICA, but in Germany (but probably in the EU in general) there are mostly packs in circulation that have “NATURAL” printed on. That’s confusing because there is also Natural Fragrance and a Nature’s line by Goloka.
I asked them, let’s see what Goloka themselves have to say about it.

A pack costs between €1.80 and €3 – I got this as a gift. I would never have thought of buying it myself. Tulsi is Indian holy basil, and basil is not so much my thing.

It’s finally a little warmer outside again, and so I can devote myself to the scents that I only like outside and therefore review outside.

Goloka – Sri Tulsi is one of the more extreme examples regarding this: indoors I find it unbearable, intrusive and far too sweet – but outside, where the smell has no chance to build up – I find it quite yummy. Still sweet, the freshness comes through here. The smell has something herbal, but doesn’t smell like burnt herbs. I detect a certain spicy basil tone, but the aroma of these sticks probably comes rather from essential oil and some other ingredients. The sweetness seems coumarin-like to me.
Anyone looking for a pure, authentic tulsi herb scent will definitely be disappointed with Sri Tulsi. Lovers of very sweet smells who like spicy fresh basil might be happy with it.

For me, the after-smell has just the sweetness, which completely disqualifies it for indoor use.

Rating: Inside the house: 1.7 – Outside: 2.8

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