Goloka - Naturals - Vetiver

Goloka – Naturals – Vetiver

As so often, bought from Ephra World Shop, for €1.75 for 15g.

It was a bit of an impulse buy because I wanted to try vetiver incense. Unfortunately, I’m rather disappointed with these. They’re not bad per se, but somehow they’re not what I expected.

Goloka – Vetiver from the Naturals line smells a little like it was a “Patchouli light”; The scent has a huge overlap with the scent profile that you would expect from patchouli incense sticks, only without the special, somewhat musty geosmin smell of patchouli leaves or the sometimes herbaceous character. It’s somehow woody, somewhat earthy and fresh at the same time. It shifts back and forth between warm and cool sensations; However, the freshness of these incense sticks feels a bit perfumey.
In the house I find that the smell quickly “oversteers”, then it no longer smells spicy and fresh, but rather dense and intrusive.

Overall, this is not what I would expect from a line called “Naturals”. Raw, they smell even more perfumey, almost a bit like a toilet puck. Basically, they are the opposite of Aromasutra – Vetiver, which I recently wrote a review of. But I’ve heard from others that the Naturals line isn’t particularly good.
I’m going to relegate Vetiver to the outdoor incense Tin. Outside, I can imagine them doing quite ok.

Rating: 2.2

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