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Shroff – Dry Masala Sampler: Pavitram, Suganda Bathi

The Dry Masala Sampler, compiled by Padma Store, currently sold out, costs €15.95 (in March 2022) for 2 incense sticks of each of the 12 varieties available at the time. Now there are 17.

[Update: 2024-06-03]

I am down to my last centimetres of Pavitram and still struggle to grasp the scent fully. This fragrance is incredibly complex. My notes vary greatly; sometimes I detect a dominant green note, while other days I find the scent primarily earthy.
What is consistent is, that I perceive Pavitram as a heavy, deep scent with an animalic musk aspect.
It also has a floral component. The scent is very soft in a balsamic way, which I associate with the musk aspect. This part feels warm to me, but the green note adds freshness.

Pavitram stands out price-wise. A 25g package of this variety cost €9.45 when I bought the sampler. (Currently only available as a 50g package for €18.45.) Most other varieties are priced at €3.95 for 25g or €7.95-€8.95 for 50g.

Shroff - Suganda Bathi

Suganda Bathi was the only one in this sampler set additionally wrapped in cling film inside the plastic sleeve. I assume this is due to a high content of oils, which the shop’s description also highlights. However, I don’t find them more potent than the others, as warned. Perhaps some of the oils have evaporated.
The scent is still very floral. To me, it smells of “white and yellow flowers,” particularly lilies. But as often mentioned, floral scents are not my specialty. It’s just an image that comes to my mind. The floral scent is very bright, heady, and nectar-sweet. Over time, I find it increasingly lively.
This initial, floral cloud is once again followed by the “ironed fabric” scent (which I have mentioned in a lot Shroff reviews) and I wonder if all these varieties really contain saffron or if something else triggers this association. In the last incense stick of Suganda Bathi, the scent was particularly intense for a few moments and reminded me of iodine or a veterinarian’s office. There must have been a lump of the mysterious ingredient in the dough.
After the appearance of the ironed fabric scent, a warm, soft, and sweet sandalwood note sets in slowly. At this point, I find the scent very complex; not round – it has some edges – but rich in body. The after-scent is exceptionally beautiful, floral, and also complex.

As with Pavitram, I feel I’d need more time to grasp the whole complexity of the composition.

Update: 2024-06-03

Pavitram has stayed on my mind, but since Padma Store still only sells 50g packages for €18.45, I ordered a 25g (19 sticks) package from Rymer for €6.21. These are from a new batch (from 2023) and not only look, but also smell entirely different.
I don’t know when I will be able to write a new review, so here’s at least a small update and a warning: I can’t stand the current batch.

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