Pure - Special Edition Pushkar

Pure – Absolute Pushkar

I got to know Pushkar through my first incense exchange. Later, my incense exchange partner offered to place a joint order at Pure, but gifted me the items in the end. πŸ’œ
The 10g box costs Β£3.95 (€4.60). I had 12 sticks in the pack, so they are quite thinly rolled, but they make up for it with their intensity. This results in a price per stick of about 42 cents.
At the Pure shop, this box is listed as Special Edition Pushkar. However, the “special” thing about it is only the packaging. The incense sticks are Absolute Pushkar, which are sold at 100g for Β£22 (€26 = 26 cents per gram), or 300g for Β£49.95 (€58 – 19 cents/g). Thanks to Adi-Guru Das for the kind information. No burning time is indicated, but I timed one stick with a stopwatch and got 50 minutes.

The description of SE Pushkar reads as follows: β€œThe astonishing fragrance that will leave you feeling very happy! Blue Lotus oil with our 17 oils masterclass Vrindavan Champa. Blended together on an astonishing stick of incense. Will astonish you with its high ultra flowery mega scent! In beautiful 10gm packet design.” – Very astonishing. πŸ˜›
Ingredients listed on the back of the package are: distilled water, pure finely ground charcoal, pure white bamboo, flower petals, floral essences, amber resins, sandalwood, cedar, vanilla powder, elemi, opoponax, labdanum, copal, mastic, dammar, myrrh, makko powder, tragacanth, olibanum, gum arabic. However, these are generic and the same on all packages. So, Pushkar contains some of these, but not all.

First and foremost: Pushkar is very potent and not suitable for small rooms. I leave all the doors in the house and some windows open so that the scent can spread out and open up properly.

Pushkar has a distinct note of sandalwood oil, similar to what I know from other Sandalwood varieties of the brand. It is the sweet, unmistakably warm and soft accord of sandalwood that contributes a good deal of depth to the body of this composition and conveys a sense of luxury.
In addition, there is a real burst of floral scents. Since I know Connoisseur Blue Lotus, I think I can recognize a lotus scent. I perceive it as a floral-sweet, soft, yet deep and earthy smell that has a mystical quality to me. As with Ambrosia by BERK, I smell a kind of mineral note, but it is much milder. It’s high-pitched and somewhat piercing, and it feels like a “glittering” to me.
There is always a certain vanilla sweetness that blends in perfectly and forms a bridge between the sandalwood and the floral complex. The scent is round, balanced, and multi-layered.
The after-smell is relatively long-lasting and gradually fades to the sandalwood note.

Pushkar is enchanting, opulent, and sexy. A splendid olfactory delight whose beauty cannot be done justice by merely describing its components. If Ambrosia is a velvet blanket, Pushkar is a robe of gold-threaded silk brocade. Not for every day, but perfectly appropriate for special occasions.

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