Balaji – Om Shree Sai

This is another sample from my incense exchange with Steve Pereira, here‘s his review of Om Shree Sai. These sticks seem to be becoming rare. Both at Ephra World and Popatstores in England, they are currently sold out.

I put Om Shree Sai in the Fluxo category because they are thick and intensely smoky and fragrant.
It reminds me to some extent of Sai Sri Flora Fluxo, which I find almost unbearably potent. Both share a sharp, harsh note that I find animalic and somehow reminiscent of toilet pucks. However, in Om Shree Sai, this note is significantly less pronounced than in Sai Sri Flora.
Om Shree Sai has a very strong, fruity-juicy-sparkling complex that features a resinous note in the background. In good air dilution, the harsh smell transforms into a floral one, and I perceive a creamy sweetness. Additionally, sandalwood occasionally makes its presence known.
I feel like I’ve recently encountered something with very similar notes, but I can’t remember what it is. I’ve compared it with several other incense sticks and couldn’t figure it out. (Candidates included Stamford – Pakeezah, various Pushkar Temple varieties, and Panchavati Dhoop.) The sample is running low, so it will remain an open question.

I find Om Shree Sai very interesting; it does have a certain appeal. However, it remains one of those scents that I want to like but can’t quite manage. Primarily, this is due to their sheer intensity, which quickly becomes too much for me. Another reason is the lingering aftersmell, which primarily includes the toilet puck stench.
For fans of intense scents and for those who prefer to use incense sticks on the terrace, etc., I think Om Shree Sai is definitely worth a try.

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