Regenbogen Rauchfahne

Hikali Koh – Japanese Garden – Reikan (Inspiration)

I bought this role with a few others second-hand on Kleinanzeigen. A roll with approx. 28 sticks of 13cm length usually costs €5-6. The burning time is given as 25 minutes.

Hikali Koh - Reikan

The scent descriptions from various shops talk about the beguilingly sensual scent of roses; flowers, herbs and Japanese mint as ingredients.

I recognize the rose, but I don’t find the scent sensual or beguiling at all.
The sticks smell quite smoky in a sharp way. The smoke loses its unpleasant nature when it is sufficiently diluted and then appears rather spicy; However, there isn’t much left of Reikan‘s reserved aroma either. It’s just a very underlying floral sweetness and a vague, fresh tone. Occasionally, I also notice a certain creamy softness, but the scent is and remains too subtle and at the same time too smoky for me.

Let’s see if I can find someone interested in Reikan among my friends. I would be curious to know if someone who uses Japanese incense more often than me has a different perception of it. Overall, I can imagine that someone might appreciate the smell.

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