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Goloka - Oud

Goloka – Oud vs. Organic Goodness – Arabian Oudh

I bought Goloka – Oud for €1.95 (SonnLicht) although they are also available for only €1.65 elsewhere.
Organic Goodness – Arabian Oudh costs €2.35 (Ephra World Shop). Both packs contain 15g. The Arabian Oudh are rolled noticeably thinner, so they will likely contain 1–2 more sticks.

Goloka – Oud has a soapy-tart and fresh, kinda cooling smell on the unburned stick.
When lit, the smell looses a lot of the soapiness, though not completely. It has a special spiciness that is tart but not really bitter and has a sour touch, which transitions quite smoothly into the fresh/cooling aspect.
The character is quite “serious”, rather heavy and dry-powdery, perhaps a little woody. Overall, it could be classified as masculine and corresponds with scents that can be found in male perfumes.
With their aftersmell (which I prefer), these incense sticks leave a very clean atmosphere behind and the scent is very long-lasting.

Rating: 2.7

Organic Goodness belongs to the R.Expo group and is often listed as their other brand Song of India.

When unlit, Organic Goodness – Arabian Oudh smells a little sweeter, perfumey and soapy-fresh.
They also smell sweet once lit, but what appears soapy and serious in Goloka, makes a rather playful impression here. The scent is rounder and less masculine, but still fresh and spicy. Like Oud, Arabian Oudh has a powdery note, but it is much softer than that of Goloka.
I actually think I can smell a bit of agarwood scent here, which I can’t say about Goloka‘s version, even though it has a generic oud smell.
I find these sticks to be refreshing and invigorating. They create a very pleasant atmosphere with their balanced scent profile.
Unfortunately, the aftersmell disappears much faster than that of Goloka – Oud. As long as it’s present, it smells fresh, with a slightly tart undertone and, at times, an almost honey-like aroma that hoovers over it, which I didn’t notice while it’s burning.

Rating: 3.8

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