Green Tree - Yoga Tree

Green Tree – Yoga Tree

These are the first sticks of this brand that I bought. I picked it up at my trusted Asian store for €3 – but online, you can find it for cheaper. They are 15g boxes – approx. 13 sticks, which is around 23ct per stick. The burning time is about 40 minutes.

I find the deep, saturated orange of the packaging very suiting for the scent profile, of which the main aspects are woody, sweet and tart-fruity. The sweetness is noticeable but far from predominant, it’s rather underlining. When diluted enough, I perceive it as honey-like and slightly floral.
The tart fruitiness makes me think of juniper berries, although I don’t think these incense sticks actually contain juniper. It’s the way in which juniper berries – when you eat them – are sweet but very tart and yet fruity.
The woody aspect comes mainly from the base, which probably uses cheap sandalwood. I smell this mainly right after lighting the stick and in the aftersmell.
My biggest criticism is that they are a bit too strong for me to have them burning in the same room as I am. They are relatively smoky and when the aroma builds up it becomes drier, duller and, above all, unfortunately somewhat biting, which brings the rating down. Still, I think it’s good and interesting enough to rate it 3.3.

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