Parimal - Yatra

Parimal: Yatra and Vedanta

So similar and yet so different.

I bought these two based on two reviews on r/Incense (links at the end of the article). From the first moment, they were one of my absolute favourites; two hidden gems that I would never want to miss in my collection.

Bought at Ephra World Shop – Vedanta €1.75 containing 17g/approx. 14 pieces, around 13ct per stick; Yatra for €1.99, also 17g/14 pieces, so 14ct per stick.

Both are very similar in terms of the basic scent profile: sweet, floral and spicy.

However, Vedanta is definitely the sweeter and more floral of the two. The aroma is powerful but smooth, although it has a very sharp sweetness. I can’t really describe the smell as complex, but I find it to be quite multifaceted. It changes in my perception from time to time, so sometimes the sweetness is more present, then a subtle note of sandalwood comes through again and suddenly the smell is fresh and spicy again. Overall, it appears very bright, and I would describe its character as “lively”.
Rating: 4.4

No less beguiling is Yatra, with its dark and overall entirely different character. I find it very calming, and it gives me a feeling of security. Its sweetness is deep and balsamic. The spicy aspect feels rather resinous and contributes significantly to the depth of the aroma. A beautiful, fresh floral note floats above it. These incense sticks are powerful, in a very subtle way.
Rating: 4.6

Both have a wonderful aftersmell, which is soft and sweet in Vedanta and balsamic-spicy in Yatra.

Here are the two varieties reviews on Reddit that motivated me to buy:

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