Green Tree - Tibetian Flowers

Green Tree – Tibetan Flowers

€1.45 for a 15g box, at Ephra World Shop. Approx. 13 sticks – so they are in the very affordable price segment for Masala; Price per stick: approx. 11ct. Burning time: 35–40 minutes.

I like the design. The colours and the kaleidoscopic flowers are nicely made.

The raw smell is floral, slightly dark with a pungent component and a certain niff.
In fact, the smell reminds me of toilets, but very specific ones: The “VIP” toilets at the backstage area at the Festival Mediaval in Selb, Germany. They had a special air freshener, and the combination of this massive floral bouquet with the somewhat niffy undertone that one could call musky brings the memories of it back to life. Good memories. This may sound strange, but anyone who has ever spent a weekend at a rainy renaissance fair will understand the homely aura of a dry, heated toilet booth.
But enough of that.

In any case, I wouldn’t describe this aroma as a typical “toilet smell”. But Tibetan Flowers are intense. Definitely not something for small rooms. If I burn them inside the house, then only if I can leave all the windows and the doors to adjacent rooms open so that the smell permeates the entire house. However, I prefer them outside. Festival atmosphere on the balcony.
Roughly, I would classify it as Nag Champa, although the floral scent has its own character. It is rather dark and very voluminous, rich and powerful; Somewhere between creamy, balsamic and nectar-sweet, depending on the air dilution. In one of my notes, I even compared it to Turkish Delight. Nevertheless, the scent sometimes has a sharp edge.
I don’t know if I would like the harsh musky note without my positive association. With the nostalgia-bonus, Tibetan Flowers by Green Tree receives the rating 3.1 from me.

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