Goloka - ORGANICA - Astagandha

Goloka – ORGANICA – Astagandha

There are a few confusing circumstances surrounding this line: It’s actually called ORGANICA, but in Germany (but probably in the EU in general?) there are mostly packs in circulation that have “NATURAL” printed on. That’s confusing because there is also Natural Fragrance and a Nature’s line by Goloka.
I asked them to see what Goloka themselves had to say about it, but I didn’t get any feedback.

I picked up Astagandha on eBay-Kleinanzeigen (now just called “Kleinanzeigen”) for €1. They usually cost €1.80 – €3.

Astagandha sounds very similar to “ashwagandha”, but has nothing to do with it. Astagandha or ashtagandha is Sanskrit, meaning roughly “eight smells” and appears to be a mixture of various aromatic materials used for ritual purposes in India.
Ephra Shop says: “A wonderfully fresh, resinous scent made of lemongrass, herbs and the finest resin.”

Goloka – ORGANICA – Astagandha has a very peculiar scent.
The smell is green and herbaceous; chlorophyll-like, grassy, ​​but also tart, almost a little harsh. There’s an undertone, which takes some getting used to: it reminds me of how mown grass starts to smell when it’s left in a pile in warm weather and starts to ferment; grass silage. Indeed, not a very pleasant smell, but in these incense sticks I find it – as a note – interesting.
With good air dilution, Astagandha smells a little sweeter, coumarin-like (hey) perhaps and more like fresh, green grass.
I can’t really call the smell “nice” or at least it’s not “easy listening” but I like it, and I’m kind of fascinated by it. I think it has something clarifying, perhaps even focusing.

Rating: 3.1 – Buy at your own risk! 😉

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