Yogi & Yogini - Yoga - Om (Benzoine Wood)

Yogi & Yogini – Yoga – Om (Benzoine Wood)

Yogi & Yogini is a trademark of Mani Bhadra BV, which belongs to Phoenix Import, a wholesaler headquartered in the Netherlands. They are produced by the Natural Incense Company, which in turn belongs to Fiore D’Oriente. Fiore also has a Yoga line with an almost identical design. I assume that these are the same incense sticks, just packaged and sold under a “private label”. They are 23cm long and burn for well over an hour. One pack contains 10 sticks or 20g.
I got this pack second-hand. Usually, they cost between €4 and €6.

Om is neither complex, multi-layered nor unique, but it is a decent, high-quality Masala incense, like everything produced by the Natural Incense Company that I have tried so far.
As the subtitle Benzoine Wood suggests, the scent is very sweet and balsamic (benzoin is balsamic resin). It’s the typical vanilla-like benzoin sweetness, creamy and rich.
The beguiling balsamic sweetness is accompanied by a soft woody note, which is only occasionally noticeable.

Many of the NIC or Fiore d’Oriente incense sticks have a fairly sweet base smell, Om seems a bit like the pure base recipe of many of their creations, only on its own and therefore in the foreground. I would say Om is therefore the most generic of them.
A treat for those with a sweet nose, but nothing exciting. A bit like a bowl of vanilla ice cream: simple, but sometimes just right. It’s a balm for the soul.

Rating: 3.3

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