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Vijayshree - Golden Nag Seven Chakra

Vijayshree – Golden Nag Seven Chakra

Purchased for €1.49 on – a shop with super annoying marketing, but often good deals.

Vijayshree – Golden Nag Seven Chakra smells very similar to Parimal Yatra to me, just not quite as good.
It has a wonderful, balsamic, musk-like sweetness that extends into a honey tone, and there are some spicy notes as well. It’s a strong, full, warm, and heavy scent. I also smell something resinous in the sweet part of it and somewhere in the background, there are hints of florality and freshness.
Unfortunately, they also have a slightly harsh smoky note in their profile. It doesn’t really bother me, I probably only noticed it because I compared it directly with Yatra.
That was in July 2022. I had caught COVID-19 (for the first time) and was panicking about losing my sense of smell. I spent most of the isolation on my balcony burning incense sticks; even if that’s probably not the smartest thing to do with a respiratory illness.
Anyway, it became obvious to me how different the smoke from incense sticks can feel:
With Seven Chakra, it felt very unpleasant if I inhaled the smoke too directly, it made me cough instantly. On the other hand, the smoke of Yatra, had an almost soothing effect. I had to restrain myself from inhaling the smoke directly. Therefore, I believe Yatra is of significantly higher quality.

The aftersmell is long-lasting and pleasant.

I would recommend these incense sticks to anyone looking for Yatra unsuccessfully, as Vijayshree is a much more widely available brand.

Rating: 3.3

If you are familiar with both, I would be interested in your opinion!

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