Regenbogen Rauchfahne
Ispalla - Floral Passion


These incense sticks were sent to me directly from Ispalla Incense out of Peru, and you can find the background story in this article. The variety is brand new and currently not available on the European market, but that will surely change soon.

After the series of “Palo Santo + X” concept incense sticks, Ispalla allowed themselves to be a bit more creative and develop more complex compositions, successfully, I would say.

Ingredients: Bamboo sticks, Palo Santo powder, Palo Santo resin, wild herbs, pure rose essential oil, distilled water.
The burning time is approx. 50 minutes.

FLORAL PASSION | HERBS – PALO SANTO smells very interesting, and I don’t mean that as a euphemism.
The name (and also the raw smell) suggests something very floral and sweet. When I smell the package, the rose oil comes to the fore, accompanied by a slightly minty freshness, perhaps eucalyptus.
When lit, one is surprised by a herbaceous and tart note, which, unlike in Palo Santo & Rue, does not dominate too much. However, I believe that one of the wild herbs included is Rue. The fresh, menthol-like note is also clearly present in the burning sticks and makes the scent very invigorating. The rose appears almost reserved in this interplay of strong notes, but has a strong effect on the overall character. I have the impression that it gently melds into the spaces between the other components, connecting and rounding everything into a unity. Most of the time, I don’t smell the rose as a distinct note. Only occasionally does it seem to float like a silk veil over the other scents, displaying a pleasantly green, refreshing character.

FLORAL PASSION is a clear Ispalla favourite of mine.

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