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Organic Goodness – Nag Champa

Received as a sample in an exchange, along with a bunch of Satya incense sticks and a few other items.

Organic Goodness suggests “bio” [organic] quality, and some shops even market them as such – often at ridiculous prices of €6 or more (while in other shops they cost under €2), however, consumers should not be misled into equating this with our (German) bio standards. “bio” is a protected term in the context of food, but not for cosmetics, cleaning products, clothing, etc., and certainly not for niche products like incense sticks.
The packaging states, “96% Organic,” and the listed ingredients seem to be the same on all packs:
“Bamboo Stick, Natural Frankincense Resin, Activated Carbon, Organic Sugarcane Water, Bark Joss Powder, Wood Powder, Organic Essential Oils”.

The first time I lit Organic Goodness – Nag Champa, I didn’t like it. They are still not among my favourites, but my opinion has improved.
I find that they do not have a typical Nag Champa scent profile; for me, they are on the outer edge of what I would still classify as Nag Champa.
They are indeed very creamy (they have a slight nutmeg note for me) and floral, but not like Frangipani or Champaka, the two classic Nag Champa flowers.
The most distinguishing feature these incense sticks possess is a pronounced resinous quality. I smelled this from the beginning, but only today do I think I recognize frankincense in it. This is mainly due to having meanwhile become familiar with a Mother’s Nag Champa variety, which also contains frankincense, and now Organic Goodness – Nag Champa reminds me of them.
Essentially, it is like Satya (BNG) Nag Champa with a good dash of Mother’s (Nagchampa Line) Chandra, and I’m not a fan of either. Interestingly, however, I find Organic Goodness – Nag Champa better than both.

My sample is used up, and I don’t think I’ll buy a pack.
Rating: 2.5

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