Regenbogen Rauchfahne
Hikali Koh - Wakaba

Hikali Koh – Classic – Wakaba (Young Leaves)

This roll is from a small bundle I purchased second-hand at the end of 2022. The price if bought new is about €6 per roll, containing 22 sticks. They are 22cm long and relatively thick (2mm) for Japanese incense sticks.

The very first time I tried Wakaba, I found the scent very pleasant, fresh, and green, just as the name suggests.
After that, I never found that fresh green again. Now, when I use them, I smell some clove and a woody base, and that’s it.
In a comparison with Eternal Treasure by Shoyeido, I noted that I find Wakaba rounder because the very subtle sweetness in it seems like a natural part of the scent, while the sweetness in Eternal Treasure feels “grafted on”.
Unfortunately, this doesn’t change the fact that I find Wakaba absolutely underwhelming. It barely makes an impression, even when I burn 2-3 sticks at once – and when it does make an impression, it’s with a not exactly unpleasant, slightly sweet, woody-smoky scent and a slight clove note.
Perhaps someone whose nose is more attuned to the subtlety of Japanese incense can appreciate Wakaba more.
This roll will likely change owners again.

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